Advent of the Enlightenment Era

In the 190th year of the Post Blacking Era, many significant changes have swept across the face of Olturne. On the continent of Thassona, the various nations finally put their differences aside to create a confederacy referred to as the Free Thassonian League. Along with the birth of this new society came the discovery of new sciences and technologies, such as electricity, hydrogen powered vehicles, and gun powder.

In the tropical archipelago to the south, two exotic races emerged from the island jungles and into the larger world; the monstrous Sorasku and the sensual Makiah. While the more civil Makiah integrated well into the confederacy, the Sorasku migrated west to the island nation of Sessrond and enslaved the seafaring Seshorian people. Some Seshorians escaped to the southwest to the new lands, however, they arrived to many ghost towns, chilled to the bone by a lingering menace they know nothing about. These people, desperate and frightened, have become extremely violent and xenophobic, clinging to what little of a pathetic existence they have left.

During the 3rd year of the Thassonian Era, a host of sinister wyrms came from the far northwest, bent on the destruction of all the “lesser” races. The Meridii, along with their families and companions, fled to the northeastern ice floes of Thassonia to hide in safety while determining their next course of action.


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